About Alson Chew

Alson is a former proprietary trader with a 5-year tenure at an established boutique firm, where he traded a proprietary fund and a private equity portfolio. With his acute market analysis, he achieved a total net profit of SGD 1.2 million — earning him the firm’s Top Trader Award twice in a row

Alson Chew - Malaysia's Crypto Expert

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Alson's Biography

With over 15,000 hours of live trading and research, Alson gained insider insights to the market’s inner workings. He is known for his unbroken record of profiting every quarter since 2011, even through the 2015 Chinese stock market crash.

Since placing his first cryptocurrency trade in late 2016, Alson’s portfolio has grown over 7500%. In just two years, he grew his account from an initial $40,000 to over $3 million now. His best trades and investments include Ripple, Tenx and ICON, in which he made over 40 times his initial investment.

As an outstanding professional trader, Alson was honoured to receive a personal testimonial from the Senior Vice President of the Singapore Exchange, Mr. Rama Pillai.

Hailed a skillful and sincere trading coach, Alson has shared the stage at regional wealth seminars with renowned trading mentor Adam Khoo. As a fellow financial educator and close friend of Adam, Alson is happy to join Adam’s mission of transforming traders’ lives around the world.